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What to Do if Your Long-Term Disability Claim is Denied

The truth of the matter is that insurance companies who offer long-term disability insurance are there to make money. If they pay out too many claims, they will have a hard time turning a profit. Therefore, the reality is that a majority of claims for long-term disability will be denied. If a claim is initially denied however, you still have options. The attorneys at the Law Office of Paul J. Dombeck have experience going up against the insurance companies and can help you successfully appeal your denial of benefits.

Not all long-term disability policies are identical in their terms. Therefore, the exact process for an appeal depends on the particular terms and policies laid out in your long-term disability plan. In some cases, an appeal might consist of simply filing a letter with the insurance company stating your arguments in favor of your claim. Other policies might contain mandatory arbitration clauses, which require that any appeal be brought before an arbitrator as specified in the plan. In still other cases, the appeal might have to actually be brought in court. Regardless of the process however, in each appeal, careful arguments must be made addressing the medical, legal and work-related issues in your case. Our Arizona lawyers will pursue your claim all the way to federal court if we believe it will help you secure coverage for you long-term disability claim.

It is never too early to hire a disability attorney to assist you with your claim for long-term benefits. One common mistake that applicants make is to wait to hire an attorney until after their claim has been denied. In some instances however, it is already too late, because the applicant has made serious errors in their application that cannot be overcome. If an attorney has the opportunity to review the application before it is filed, the attorney can help you avoid potential problems with the application and help you preserve the opportunity for an appeal if one becomes necessary.

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