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Should I do my ERISA Long Term Disability Appeal on my own Without a Lawyer?

ERISA Long Term Disability Appeals A “Do-it-yourself (D.I.Y) approach to appealing an ERISA Short Term Disability (STD) or ERISA Long Term Disability (LTD) claim denial may very well cost you your financial and medical security. In a world where “DIY” is commendable and sometimes makes financial sense, it is a huge mistake with ERISA disability claim appeals, and Read More

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The Social Security Hearing Judge Denied your Disability claim, Should you Appeal?

The Social Security Hearing Judge Denied your Disability claim, Should you Appeal? There are several considerations. First and foremost is whether your claim evidence is strong enough under Social Security’s rules for a hearing judge to find you disabled. A simple enough question to be sure, but with a potentially very complex answer. While it Read More

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Legal Loopholes and your Disability Claim

Phoenix SSD Attorney Explains Legal Loopholes and Disability Claims It is not that Social Security Disability or ERISA Short Term and Long Term Disability regulations and/or Insurance policies contain loopholes for the purpose of deliberately denying claims.  Rather it is that the regulations and other governing the terms and language regarding which claims meet the Read More

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Unbiased and Intelligent Evaluation of all your Disability Claims

Will Your Disability Claim in Arizona be Approved? One of the most important but less known benefits of using the Arizona attorneys at The Law Office of Paul J. Dombeck PLLC is that our attorneys are experienced in three major types of disability (ERISA Short- Long Term and Social Security Disability, and Veteran’s Disability Claims) Read More

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The Benefit of an Experienced Eye

An Experienced Phoenix Social Security Disability Lawyer Helps Get Claims Approved Anyone who has considered exploring Short Term or Long Term or Social Security disability may hear or receive confusing information about the processes involved. This can be intimidating.  Many people who go through the system on their own are not successful the first time Read More

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Confusion about what ERISA has to do with your Disability claim?

What does ERISA have to do with your Disability claim? Attorneys at the Law Office of Paul Dombeck PLLC can provide assistance to Arizona residents not just with private policy Short Term Disability and Long Term Disability claims and Social Security Disability and service-related Veteran’s Disability claims but also issues related to ERISA Disability laws Read More

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Our Mission: Disability law in Arizona

The Law Office of Paul Dombeck can provide assistance to Arizona residents who want to apply for disability or residents whose disability claims were rejected. The lawyers at The Law Office of Paul J. Dombeck PLLC are experienced in handling disability claims with sensitivity. They can answer questions, explain in detail what you can expect, Read More

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When is it Time to Stop Working and Claim ERISA Short Term Disability (STD) and/or Long Term Disability (LTD) benefits and/or Social Security Disability (SSDI) benefits?

SHORT TERM DISABILITY AND LONG TERM DISABILITY CONSIDERATIONS: As disability attorneys, this is one of the most common questions we are asked by people.  While the answer to this question varies from person to person there are some common signs and indicators. Not surprisingly going out on medical leave is usually a very stressful thing Read More

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What are Your Rights to Recover Damages in an Injury Case?

When someone else is at fault for causing your injury, you can hold them accountable in a personal injury case. Phoenix injury attorneys can protect your rights to recover damages and negotiate with an insurance company or advocate on your behalf in court. State laws view negligence differently, and your ability to recover compensation also Read More

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What Assets are Exempt in an Arizona Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Attorneys for Chapter 7 in Arizona can review your financial situation in detail and help you determine which assets are exempt (not subject to liquidation). Chapter 7 involves the liquidation and sale of certain assets to pay creditors. In some states, you can choose between using federal exemptions or state exemptions. Arizona has its own Read More

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